Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Yello, Fellas.

Hello~ Bello~ Yello~
It is been awhile and we are here now!! How are you guys? Well, we have been too busy at outstation and did flew to a few countries. Now it is time to share all the loves we brought from to you! xx

   Here we go,
     *Set Me On Fire

Set Me On Fire . RM39
l.st 0028
 white (last)
 black (last)
material : Polyester Knit
size: W :48cm . L :47cm

   *Retro Beauty
Retro Beauty . RM42
l.st 0029
 black  (last)
 zig zag (last)
material : Polyester Mix
size: W :48cm . L :47cm

   *Stylish Beam Port

Stylish Beam Port . RM39
l.sa 0013
 mike (sold)
 monsters (sold)
 james (sold)
 chopper (sold)
material : Nylon Mix (waterproof)
size: W :48cm . L :47cm

p/s: We are giving Free Postage for first 5 Lovcans!
p/s ii: More pictures & details can be found in our facebook page!

So, just Style!!

Much love, loves! xoxo