Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Rugged . Enough

Girly is just a part of me, be Rugged sometimes, it shows how fashionable we are.
   Style you with,

     *Zee G
A zebra stripes singlet mini dress with sponge at shoulder area. 
This dress makes you caught everyone's eyes on you! No doubt! Is everyone!
Simply pair it with a blazer when you go to work in the day time, 
take off the blazer, it is ladies night!
Zee G . RM55 0020
 orange (last)
 black (last)
material : Polyester Mix (Slightly stretchy)
size: W :46cm . L :78cm

     *Tig J
 With a tiger head print on the top area with black bottom, this jumpsuit totally makes you looks so WOW~
 Celebrity looks or your own style looks are perfect with this jumpsuit!
Will over trend?
 I will tell you that this piece will definitely never old fashion! Just like the leopard prints we loved!
Tig J . RM65 0021
material : Lycra Mix
size: W :55cm . L :128cm

      *Dob L
 Duo tone long dress with cut bottom dress made in two different materials.
Highlighted on the neckline and short sleeve line with satin mix material never looks boring.
This long dress give you a sexy yet stylist look! 
Wear it for dates and makes you the unique one in your group!
Dob L . RM59 0022
 black (last)
material : Cotton & Satin mix
size: W :40cm . L :122cm

     *Tri Mond
Diamond design with triangle pieces in colors with metal chain sling is it's look! 
  Rocker, Weirdo, Girly or even Stylist are so fit with this sling bag.
Come with a zip pocket at the front side, 
the place for your items are store and nicely hide with a zip space. 
and there is no hidden zip pocket inside the bag itself.
Tri Mond . RM55 0012
 diamond love (last)
material : Faux Leather

Oh dear, that's all for now!
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Remember love, 
        Be your style, be yourself! xoxo

Friday, August 03, 2012

Sail On, Sailor

I wondered, "Sail on? Sail off?"
Captain said: "Sail On Sailor!! SAIL ON!!!"
   On with these gorgeous,

     *Sailor in Strips
 Strips are never out of trend. No matter bold or thin, black or colors.
This gorgeous are in a very lady kind of design. Cut out shoulder with thin strips design.
Not to worried what to wear, this piece is totally perfect to girlfriends' outing or boyfriend's date.
Sailor in Strips . RM39 0019
 Pink (last)
material : Cotton
size:  W :41cm . L :68cm

     *Sailor with Peter Pan
 A multi-way to wear dress piece! It comes in a simple singlet dress design in bold strips.
Satin linen is attached inside just in case you feel insecure for the sheerness of the material.
With a more modern and fashionable design, it didn't comes with a normal sailor looks layer front or back,
but it comes with a detachable fake collar in yellow!!
You can see how does the collar looks like when you wear it up 
in the black singlet dress picture above and below! 
Oh yea, not to forget, there is a hidden zip at the back of the dress.
Sailor with Peter Pan . RM52 0019
 Blue (last)
material : Polyester
size:  W :43cm . L :70cm

     *Sailor in Summer
 In these hot day, what we wanted are not only ice cream, cold bath or beach 
but what we needed is a singlet with a short pants! 
What we presented to you is this simple, designed and most wanted short pants!
Embroidery sailor's elements on the comfortable pants makes you not so obvious a little sailor fans!
Sailor in Summer . RM49 0006
 Khaki M, L (last)
 Dark Blue M (last), L
material : Cotton
size:  M: W :38cm . L :30cm
size:   L: W :39cm . L :32cm

Sail is still on my dear, why waiting? 
Send in your inquiries or order to or .
p/s: Don't wait until Sail Off darling!

Much love, loves! xoxo