Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Studs & Spikes

Have you realize that Studs and Spikes items are the hottest thing nowadays?
Without them in our wardrobe are just so uncompleted to all of us!  
So, why are we still out of trend? That's the reason we are bringing them to you today!!
   Style you with these,
     *Tiger Mesh
Tiger Mesh . RM65 0022
 Black (sold)
 White (last)
material : thick cotton, quality mesh at shoulder part
size: W :50cm . L :52.5cm

   *Shoulder Cut Torns
Shoulder Cut Torns . RM65 0023
 Black (sold)
 Grey (sold)
material : thick cotton
size: W :51.5cm . L :55cm

    *Half Torns

Half Torns . RM58 0011
 L (sold)
material : jeans
size:  S: W :36cm . H :42.5cm . L :31cm
        M: W :38cm . H :46cm . L :31cm
        L: W :38.5cm . H :47.5cm . L :31cm

Studs and Spikes, 
                         In and Out.

Much love, loves! xoxo

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Join Us Loves 2.0

What and when is this event?

Where is the location?

Where are we?


  Visit us @ 6th October, Saturday

& 7th October, Sunday.

Drive to Soho KL and find us at Booth 22 in Zone A.

We have our Current Fashion Clothes

lots of New Arrival items and huge amount of Sales items

we have not update in our blog yet yoo!

Be the first to grab them before it's too late!!

See yea Loves in this awesome Weekend Bazaar!!!