Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lovca . SALE

  Last day of 2013, New Beginning for 2014!
You knew they are yours, so do not missed it!
You can always go to our main site to view our New Items with 
the label on the right side bar or to make it easier, just bookmark us! 
p/s: All the sale items are last piece of each design! Do not missed it!
Happy New Year!!
Much love, loves! xoxo

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Urbanscapes 2013

 Heard of Urbanscapes? Sure you do!
Yes, No doubts! We will be there!

Here's the clearer map for you.


Get your tickets yet? Have fun with us!

We are at Booth 32!

New Arrivals - Sales Items - Prizes
 are waiting for you!
Can't wait to rock yay! See yea loves~ xoxo 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Yello, Fellas.

Hello~ Bello~ Yello~
It is been awhile and we are here now!! How are you guys? Well, we have been too busy at outstation and did flew to a few countries. Now it is time to share all the loves we brought from to you! xx

   Here we go,
     *Set Me On Fire

Set Me On Fire . RM39
l.st 0028
 white (last)
 black (last)
material : Polyester Knit
size: W :48cm . L :47cm

   *Retro Beauty
Retro Beauty . RM42
l.st 0029
 black  (last)
 zig zag (last)
material : Polyester Mix
size: W :48cm . L :47cm

   *Stylish Beam Port

Stylish Beam Port . RM39
l.sa 0013
 mike (sold)
 monsters (sold)
 james (sold)
 chopper (sold)
material : Nylon Mix (waterproof)
size: W :48cm . L :47cm

p/s: We are giving Free Postage for first 5 Lovcans!
p/s ii: More pictures & details can be found in our facebook page!

So, just Style!!

Much love, loves! xoxo

Friday, December 28, 2012

Join Us Loves 4.0

Dear loves, it is Year End Already!

We are going to have our last 2012 offline sale 

at this awesome Rock The World Concert @ Padang Merbok 

this Saturday(Which is tomorrow!! Yay!!)! 

Find us at the Car Boot Sale Area okay?! 

We are going to have lots of surprise for you all!!

Marks in your reminder and see yea loves!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tops . Fun

Tik tok~ Tik tok~
It's December!! Holiday's Fun!! Christmas' Fun!! New year's Fun!!  
All Fun comes in time! Let's makes fun of our outfit!!
   Style you with fun,
     *Grow My Mustache
Grow My Mustache . l.st 0024
1 for RM39 , 2 for RM 70
 white (sold) , mint (sold) ,
 orange yellow  , mustard (sold) ,
 apple green , red (sold) ,
 light blue , cobalt blue ,
 black (sold) .
material : quality cotton
size: W :48cm . L :47cm

   *Grow Your Mustache
Grow Your Mustache . l.st 0025
1 for RM39 , 2 for RM 70
 white (sold) , light yellow (sold) ,
 light pink (last) ,
 turquoise (sold) , red (sold) .
material : quality cotton
size: W :48cm . L :47cm

   *Grow To Be SuperGirl
Grow To Be SuperGirl . l.st 0026
1 for RM39 , 2 for RM 70
 mint , pink ,
 green .
material : quality cotton
size: W :42cm . L :65cm

   *Grow To Be BatGirl
Grow To Be BatGirl . l.st 0027
1 for RM39 , 2 for RM 70
 peach pink , mint ,
 red (sold).
material : quality cotton
size: W :42cm . L :65cm

p/s: Oh yea! Don't forget that the sizes are all in flat measurement yea!

It's TwelveS!!! Fun to the Top with our Tops Fun!!
What a Twelve day! Have fun loves!

Much love, loves! xoxo