Friday, June 22, 2012

Ducky . QUACK

Ola loves! Style duckies are in town!
Quack! Quack!

        Stylish Ducky . 0009 
         boyish (last)
         flirty blink
         girly shy
        A carry bag which made of canvas and 3 dimensional rubber duck's mouth! It has a 1 side hidden 
        zipper pocket for handphone place. There is a polyester material used for the bag interior. It has 
        2 little pockets for you to place for mirror, cards or your lip balm or what you wanna bring out with. 
        Looks carefully, they are using the duck's feet as the zippers! Never left any details behind! Cool hah?!

        *Quack! Quack!
        Fury Soft Ducky . 0010 
         girly shy
        It is so fury and nice to touch carry bag. It made of Coral Velvet and with a 3 dimensional duck's 
        mouth with 1 side hidden zipper pocket for handphone. Inside, they are made of silk kind of material 
        and comes with 2 pockets for you to place your mirror or lip balm or whateva you wanna bring. The last 
        thing, they are also using duck feet as zippers! Loves!!

        *Quack! Quack! Quack!  
      Backpack ducky . 0011 
       boyish (sold)
       girly shy (last)
      This backpack is using a canvas material with a rubber 3 dimensional duck's mouth and 2 side net 
      storage pockets for your bottle or any of your reachable things. There is a pocket for laptop and 
      2 small pockets for your handphone or cards or mirror or anything you wanna bring with you inside.
      Just like the others, they are using the duck feet as zippers! 

Cute! Fashion! Style! Not to forget, Loves!!!
All these are Perfectly for duck fans just like L

Much love, loves! xoxo

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Layer . Printed

Prints~ Prints~ Do you love prints?
Oh~ Don't say you don't cause now prints are just so in!
   Let's start with,

     *Bird Print T
Bird Print T . RM39 0015
 white (last)
 yellow (last)
material : Polyester
size: W :47cm . L :61cm 

     * Bird Print Blouse
Bird Print Blouse . RM39 0016
 white (last)
material : Chiffon
size: W :50cm . L :60cm 

     *Owl Print T
Owl Print T . RM39 0017
material : Chiffon
size: W :50cm . L :66cm 

     *Bird Print Asymmetric Top
Bird Print Asymmetric Top . RM42 0018
material : Polyester
size: W :55cm . L :55cm(front) ,60cm(back)

Any of them catch your eyes? Well Fashionistas, there's not time for waiting!
Grab it, Casual or Formal and RAWR~ ready to catch your Prince!

Much love, loves! xoxo

Monday, June 11, 2012

Lovca SALE

 To make sure our storage are available for the New items, 
we knew that we can't keep them and have to let go all these gorgeous. 
You knew they are yours, so do not missed it!
Oh yea, we will post all the Sale items in this website.
You can find the link at the right side bar or to make it easier, just bookmark us! 

Much love, loves! xoxo

Friday, June 08, 2012

Color . A

Let's have a bunch of color parties with Colors' Accessories! 
  Start with,

     *Traveling Party
Passport Cover . 0003  
1 for RM15 , 2 for RM 25 
 white(sold) , silver(sold) ,
 pink(sold) , red(sold) ,
 orange(last) , neon yellow(sold) ,
 brownish yellow(sold) , mint(sold) ,
 apple green(sold) , sky blue(sold) ,
 blue(sold) , light purple(sold) ,
 violet(sold) , rilakkuma(sold) .

     *Bookworm Party
Big Stylish Frame . 0004 
 apple green , pink ,
 sky blue(sold) , red (sold),
 purple , black (sold),
 grey leopard print(last) , brown leopard print(reserved) .

      *Potter's Party
Round Frame Glasses . 0005   
 red(sold) , blue ,
 black(last) , brown leopard print(sold) .

       *Granny Party
Fillet Rec Glasses . 0006   
 white ,
 apple green , brownish yellow ,
 purple , red .

       *Riders' Party
Riders' Frame Glasses . 0007   
 pink ,
 violet , apple green .

       *Kid's Party
Letter Pouch . 20cm x 18cm . 0008   
 thomas(sold) ,
 elmo(sold) , mario ,
 pooh , mickey ,
 stitch(last) , spongebob(last) .

And Yes! We have changed our whole new look! 
Do you like it? Yesh or Nor? Dare to let us know. We are wiling to hear from you!

Send in your order or your comments to  or

Much love, loves!