Friday, December 28, 2012

Join Us Loves 4.0

Dear loves, it is Year End Already!

We are going to have our last 2012 offline sale 

at this awesome Rock The World Concert @ Padang Merbok 

this Saturday(Which is tomorrow!! Yay!!)! 

Find us at the Car Boot Sale Area okay?! 

We are going to have lots of surprise for you all!!

Marks in your reminder and see yea loves!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tops . Fun

Tik tok~ Tik tok~
It's December!! Holiday's Fun!! Christmas' Fun!! New year's Fun!!  
All Fun comes in time! Let's makes fun of our outfit!!
   Style you with fun,
     *Grow My Mustache
Grow My Mustache . 0024
1 for RM39 , 2 for RM 70
 white (sold) , mint (sold) ,
 orange yellow  , mustard (sold) ,
 apple green , red (sold) ,
 light blue , cobalt blue ,
 black (sold) .
material : quality cotton
size: W :48cm . L :47cm

   *Grow Your Mustache
Grow Your Mustache . 0025
1 for RM39 , 2 for RM 70
 white (sold) , light yellow (sold) ,
 light pink (last) ,
 turquoise (sold) , red (sold) .
material : quality cotton
size: W :48cm . L :47cm

   *Grow To Be SuperGirl
Grow To Be SuperGirl . 0026
1 for RM39 , 2 for RM 70
 mint , pink ,
 green .
material : quality cotton
size: W :42cm . L :65cm

   *Grow To Be BatGirl
Grow To Be BatGirl . 0027
1 for RM39 , 2 for RM 70
 peach pink , mint ,
 red (sold).
material : quality cotton
size: W :42cm . L :65cm

p/s: Oh yea! Don't forget that the sizes are all in flat measurement yea!

It's TwelveS!!! Fun to the Top with our Tops Fun!!
What a Twelve day! Have fun loves!

Much love, loves! xoxo

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Join Us Loves 3.0

We will be at Markets @ Jaya One this Saturday! 

Booth number? Will notify soon!

Marks on your calender and see yea loves!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lady . Ladies

Gathering tonight, Dating tomorrow. Party on Saturday, Dinner on Sunday.
What to get? What to wear? Oh~ listen to what she said!
        "A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous." -Coco Chanel
   Style you with love,
     *Classy Audrey
Classy Audrey . RM55 0023
material : quality cotton, quality chiffon
size: W :42cm . L :78cm

   *Fabulous Ada
Fabulous Ada . RM65 0024
 Cobalt Blue (last)
 Fuschia Pink (last)
material : high quality chiffon
size:  B :50cm . W :35cm . H :55cm . L :132cm

Of course, being fashion is the most thing when attend all occasions, but the most importance is to be in style which fitted yourself.
        Being fashion, Being you!

Much love, loves! xoxo

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Studs & Spikes

Have you realize that Studs and Spikes items are the hottest thing nowadays?
Without them in our wardrobe are just so uncompleted to all of us!  
So, why are we still out of trend? That's the reason we are bringing them to you today!!
   Style you with these,
     *Tiger Mesh
Tiger Mesh . RM65 0022
 Black (sold)
 White (last)
material : thick cotton, quality mesh at shoulder part
size: W :50cm . L :52.5cm

   *Shoulder Cut Torns
Shoulder Cut Torns . RM65 0023
 Black (sold)
 Grey (sold)
material : thick cotton
size: W :51.5cm . L :55cm

    *Half Torns

Half Torns . RM58 0011
 L (sold)
material : jeans
size:  S: W :36cm . H :42.5cm . L :31cm
        M: W :38cm . H :46cm . L :31cm
        L: W :38.5cm . H :47.5cm . L :31cm

Studs and Spikes, 
                         In and Out.

Much love, loves! xoxo